The ultimate employee benefit: an escape from inflation continually devaluing salaries. WageVest is necessary to attract and retain the best talent. Your employees will want to have it so much, they will gladly take a small pay cut if you provide them enough latitude in the WageVest parameters you set.

Welcome to the futures of wages -- wage futures.

Any Asset Wages

Legacy wages are 100% cash. With Wagevest, you enable your employees to take X% of their salary going out Y months into the future, and allocate that to a portfolio they construct.

Automated Cash & Portfolio Management

We automate the purchase of the assets you need to always remain market neutral. Each pay period, the proportional amount of assets are sold and updated salaries get paid 100% in USD

Smoothly integrating with your payroll's API and having all final settlement in USD means you can give your employees exposure to alternative assets without a costly, regulatory nightmare.

WageVest Intermediates Counterparty Risk

We build in key restrictions and incentive structures into our platform that ensure both employer and employee are able to move forward in a way they are both comfortable with. The game theory makes it so no one can be left holding the bag.

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We will be bringing the (wage) futures to you and your employees shortly.